Custom online education solutions

In addition to being the leading online educator in weight management and obesity care, the College of Contemporary Health is also a leading service provider to institutions looking to offer customised online education solutions to their students

CCH Solutions

Use CCH's highly acclaimed 100% online short- and postgraduate course offerings under the name and branding of your own institution.

  • Provide an immediate fully online course offering to healthcare students
  • Get your own-institution branded look and feel of the learning space
  • Provide first-class online learning experience
  • No need to hire additional teaching staff
  • Get instant insights into student progress
  • Highly topical courses during Covid pandemic
CCH Studio

CCH Studio offers traditionally classroom-centric healthcare institutions with the option to deliver healthcare courses fully online.*

  • Using your course content CCH Studio will deliver a tailored world class online experience for your students
  • Provides you with the ‘hybrid’ flexibility of being able to deliver both online and in-classroom
  • Asynchronous learning options mean institutions can offer courses continuously
  • Reduced staff costs and freed-up classroom capacity

* Being a 100%-online college right from the start, and with 1800+ highly satisfied students, CCH is uniquely positioned to create and deliver, using the client institutions course content as input, a best-in-class online learning experience.

Watch this short video to get a sense of the quality of our services. Get in touch if you have any questions!




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